The Hotel Galaxia

offers diving tours and -classes together with the local diving school. Groups and individuals can book the courses. The diving school is well equipped and offers diving insurances by DAN ( Divers Alert Network ). The insurance is obligatory in Spain.

As a beginner you should bring a medical report that you are physically and psychologically able to dive.

25 complete diving equipments are available, from Mares, Cressi und Beuchat. From main importance is the air equipment. The diving school has about 40 bottles with 10, 12, 15 and 18 litres volume. Together with the Bauer compressor and additional air filter are we well equipped.

 The boat gives place for 8 diving members. In about 20 minutes are we able to reach most of the wonderful diving grounds.

The School has a sun terrace, warm water showers and a classroom with TV/ video and all we need for the diving theory meetings.

If you bring your own equipment, this can be stored in the school. Additionally there is a minibus that picks you up from your Hotel and brings you back if necessary.

The Mollorquin North cost has several different challenging diving grounds. The school goes out for about 20 different diving tours. Here we give you some examples. 

El  Codo, 20 metres / 45 Min

On this diving trail we pass a massive rock, where we’ll see regularly Bonitos, Murenas, Congers and others. 

Ojos de Eduardo, 20 metres / 45 Min

 This is a very rocky diving ground with many little tunnels, caves and paths. We’ll see Congers and Murenas. The rich underwater world is very fascinating in this coastline

 Cap catalunya, 23 meters / 45 Min

 The highlight of this diving trail is a cave. The distance from the entrance to the end is 80 meters. In the cave we see many crabs and shrimps. The unforgettable impression is the lightshow when leaving the cave. 

Es Colomer  25 meters / 45 Min

 Impressionable under water world with many different fish see stars and others. We are circulating a little rocky island during this diving tour.

If you are a group, we need the following data and we´ll send you an offer:

a.. Number of people

b.. Date

c.. Number of rooms

d.. Number of fullboard / halfboard

Also the reservation of flights is possible about us, however, should be asked separately. Tourist parties are fetched after previous arrangement by the airport and are brought back.

You can contact us under:

Hotel Galaxia

Tel.: 00 34 609671924 und Fax Nr.: 00 34 971 850700

email: hotel-galaxia@telefonica.net

Kind regards

Antonia Feminias Calafat

Direktorin Hotel Galaxia



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