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Mallorca finally also is discovered by the rock climbers.
For a long time they didn’t know about the outstanding mallorquen Tramuntana mountain area. You’ll find excellent walls and thrilling landcapes. Now it is possible to dedicate your entire trip to climbing and exploring this wonderful and beautiful island which is both compact and vast at the same time. You can drive to a crag on the other side of the island in under an hour and then lose yourself in a great sea of rock. However it is the potential of Mallorca which leaves the deepest impression. For every brilliant line there are another ten waiting to be done. What else speaks for Mallorca ? The hart facts like the infrastruktur are obviously making Mallorca during the whole year easy to travell for every rockclimber. Cheap and anytime you’ll find aircrafts from any airport in Europe. The good and dry weather is nearly guaranteed.

You can nearly find all grads of difficulties ( frensh scales ) in Mallorca. The walls in Mallorca are mainly of interest for the pleasure-seeking climbers, who feel best between the fifth and seventh grad.
The safety is fantastic! Hooks are glued and drilled all over, normaly the distance between the bolts is not more than two to four meters long.
The face of the rock is variable, but predominated by shell limestone.

The illustration above gives you an illusion of the actuall most popular walls.

Here you can check some examples:

The dificulty of “Fraquel” is 7a to 8b+.
There are about 50 open tours middlegraded to highgraded.

The difficulty of “ S’Agubia ” is from 4 to 7b+.
There are 44 Tours and 4 sectors available.


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