The Hotel Galaxia offers special canoe hollidays. You have the opportunity to choose between an organized canoe trip or course and the possibility to go out like daytours by yourself with hired canoes. The courses are for beginners and for advanced.

Discover the wonderfull costlines with the caves, rocks and beaches of the blue mediteranean see.

If we have the right surve, are we also going for canoe-rodeo on the waves. The Eskimo role can be tried and trained in the hotel pool.
Our minibus service takes you to the starting-place and picks you up again.
Very welcome are also canoe clubs that want to use our infrastructur for a summercamp.
Please get in contact with us if you want to get a canoe holliday organized.

If you are a group, we need the following data and we´ll send you an offer:

a.. Number of people

b.. Date

c.. Number of rooms

d.. Number of fullboard / halfboard

Also the reservation of flights is possible about us, however, should be asked separately. Tourist parties are fetched after previous arrangement by the airport and are brought back.

You can contact us under:

Hotel Galaxia

Tel.: 00 34 609671924 und Fax Nr.: 00 34 971 850700

email: hotel-galaxia@telefonica.net

Kind regards

Antonia Feminias Calafat

Direktorin Hotel Galaxia


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